Summary of Business

Five divisions, closely supporting customers and markets

KOBAYASHI and its organizations have built up trustful relations with not only customers, but also material or resource manufactures, and accumulated plenty of expert knowledge and know-how. KOBAYASHI has also set up an organization across the departments to enhance cooperation. Many synergistic effects have been generated, such as application of technology developed in each department to the other departments.

  • KOBASOL Division

    The KOBASOL Division mainly supplies customers with multipurpose KOBASOL developed by utilizing our unique compound technology for processors of industrial parts, toys, and miscellaneous products both inside and outside Japan.

  • Packaging Division

    The Packaging Division deals in packaging for food such as natto (fermented soybeans), tofu, and frozen desserts. These are produced in an integrated manner, from the sheet forming all the way up to the completed product at our own proprietary factories.

  • Distribution Materials Division

    The Distribution Materials Division manufactures and sells packaging for fruits, vegetables, and other food items seen in supermarkets and convenience stores. The components for said packaging primarily consist of paper and film.

  • Industrial Implements and Materials Division

    The Industrial Implements and Materials Division has been dealing in a wide range of plastic sheeting, films, and pellets used in various industrial fields, from multipurpose materials to use-specific materials having high functionality, over 60 years.

  • Technical Research Laboratory & New Business Division

    The New Business Division develops a new market for new products developed by the Technical Research Laboratory, undertaking from production and sales to marketing such as market research.