Industrial Implements and Materials Division


Coordinates value-adding materials globally, identifying demands in cutting-edge areas precisely utilizing our achievements over the years

Our Industrial Implements and Materials Division has been dealing in a wide range of plastic sheeting, films, and pellets used in various industrial fields, from multipurpose materials to use-specific materials having high functionality over 60 years.

Our sales staff understand customers’ needs precisely based on experiences and achievements that we have accumulated over many years, and coordinate optimal materials and products through cooperation with manufacturers of raw and other materials in many countries with which we have built up a close relationship of mutual trust.

Our factories both inside and outside Japan are working on micro slitting of sheet films, responding to various requirements thoroughly. In the future, we will promote global business development further by procuring materials from various countries and strengthening sales activities to Asian companies centering on production and sales bases in China, making best use of the expertise and coordination abilities we’ve accumulated.


Main line of products and manufactured items

  • Plastic film/sheeting/ plates (Multipurpose resins, functional, environmentally safe products)
  • Micro slitting and micro-slit products (Blisters, clear-case packages, cover tapes)
  • Materials for packaging electronic parts (Anti-static/conductive sheeting)
  • Resin material



  • Embossed carrier tapes

    Our embossed carrier tapes, developed with the goal of automatic mounting of electronic parts, have won the trust and confidence of many users as a high speed, high precision emboss carrier tape meeting JIS, EIAJ, and EIA standards. We select materials with differential functions, such as electrically conductive, antistatic, and transparency according to the application and the need; we then fabricate the materials and provide peripherals for a total offer to both domestic and foreign customers.

  • Cover tapes

    Quality requirements for cover tapes are stable adhesiveness and very smooth peeling. Our cover tape products satisfy these quality requirements and support a variety of different needs, such as electrostatic adhesion of tapes to electronic parts and antistatic measures to prevent damage or jumping. We can provide solutions for any type of need from material requirements to slit processing with the acquired processing technology based on many years of experience and a long record of achievement. We support many standards like RoHS, and also provide limited production of diversified products.

  • Parts trays

    Our parts trays carry delicate electronic parts safely and reliably. With additional electrostatic protection (electrically conductive) for semiconductors and ICs and an antistatic function for general electronic parts such as connectors, the part trays are used in a broader range of applications. We offer the optimum material from multipurpose resin to advanced resin and support diversified and highly developed needs flexibly with a prompt response and rich inventory.

  • Clear-case packages

    Our clear-case packages show what is inside clearly and allow flexible design of style and print. The packaging enhances the value of products and upgrades sales promotion.

    In order to support the diversified needs of the age, we develop environmentally friendly and more beautiful products based on the collected data of many years and supply them though a global network. According to customer requests, we support any kind of processing and offer optimum materials.

  • Resin materials

    Plastic is a vital material for every industry.

    We can help you select the material and processing method for your product and provide solutions for small-lot production as your business partner. We can offer different types of materials from multipurpose resin to engineering resin, coloring processing, master batches, and molding machines and peripherals. Based on information and knowledge acquired over the years, we actively offer materials and processing methods in support of customers.

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