KOBASOL Division


Responds to various needs with KOBAYASHI’s original liquid compounds

The KOBASOL Division mainly supplies processors of industrial parts, toys, and miscellaneous products both inside and outside Japan with multipurpose KOBASOL developed by utilizing our unique compound technology. It also develops various types of liquid compounds from polyvinyl chloride to urethane, epoxy, and acryl having superior environmental performance, and provides a wide range of products tailored to meet customers' applications.

Our technical staff participates from the development and planning stage of customer products, and conduct compounding design based on their deep understanding of specifications and applications. This enables us to provide customers with satisfying products in a short period. In addition, we are energetically working to approach environmental issues by developing ES SOL, which addresses environmental hormone issues, and obtaining ISO-14001 certification ahead of our competitors. As a mission of a leading manufacturer, we will continue to pursue possibility of liquid compounds, and energetically work on development of new applications of urethane, epoxy, and acryl materials, as well as new original products.

Custom order

Customization Service

We can create a wider range of hardening characteristics by combining resins, hardening agents, fillers, and various additives. We offer a customized brand that satisfies your individual needs and requirements.

Examples of what we can offer:

  • Improved functionality
  • Development of dedicated grade of your own
  • Improvement or replacement of existing materials
  • Cost reduction

Available resins:

  • PVC sol
  • Acrylic sol
  • Urethane
  • Epoxy
  • Modified silicone
  • Resist ink
  • Conductive paste
  • Other


How to order customized product

This chart shows a general procedure. Our sales representative will work with you to meet your needs. Please ask us if you have any question.

  • STEP


    Contact us

    Call us or send an E-mail.

  • STEP


    We visit your office or call you

    Our sales representative explains about our products and listens to your needs.

  • STEP


    We visit your office

    We present a proposal and Quotation.

  • STEP


    Discuss details

    Our research representative works with you to decide specifications and other details.

  • STEP


    We work for you

    We make a prototype development plan and make necessary preparation for development.

  • STEP


    We deliver a prototype to you.

Contact us
  • Toys

    Our Plastisol for toys is designed and compounded, giving top priority to meeting today's safety requirements. Many users have placed their confidence in our products, which are produced under strict quality and production management systems. In addition, our urethane resin product, V CastTM, is frequently used as a molding material for figure products.

  • Automotive parts

    Our products have been used as steel plate adhesives for many automobiles and industrial filters. In order to satisfy advanced physicality requirements, we use our unique compound technology in urethane resin and epoxy resin for eco-filter materials designed to meet the recent requirements for environmental protection.

  • Electronics-industry materials

    The characteristics of our products, flexibility and adhesiveness, support electronic applications, such as spacer resist, heat resistance peeling resist for lead-free solder, and non-halogen incombustible resist. Our technical organization always provides optimum solutions to customers.
    Conductive and insulating adhesives and UV ink are also available.

  • Electrical equipment implements and parts

    Our products have been widely used as molding materials for insulation sleeves for light electric or heavy electric appliances, caps, and covers. Products compliant with UL Standards electrical materials and Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law are also available.

  • Building material products

    Our highly reliable Plastisol, which has proven durability and chemical resistance against long-term exposure to open air, is appreciated by many customers as an adhesive bond for tiles, especially for building applications where reduction of architectural waste is required.

  • Other applications (e.g. displays, lures)

    Our liquid materials are widely used as molding materials for food samples in showcases due to their characteristics. They are also used as material for soft plastic bait for black bass fishing.

  • Other newly developed products

    Industrial V Cast possesses physical properties similar to those of other industrial plastics. It is available in a wide range of products, including ABS, PP, acrylic and elastomer grades, as resins for prototype and small-quantity productions in various industries. Please feel free to inquire about your development projects since we have an established system to promptly provide a satisfactory response.

    Our F-Series adhesives for electrostatic flocking are one-component thermosetting polyurethane adhesives suitable for substrate electrostatic flocking of various rubbers such as EPDM and Neoprene, vinyl chloride resin, ABS resin, steel sheet, etc.