Packaging Division


Produces high-quality products by precisely understanding needs and trends in order to support both food manufacturers and producers.

The Packaging Division deals in packaging for food such as natto (fermented soybeans), tofu, and frozen desserts. These are produced in an integrated manner, from the sheet forming all the way up to the completed product at our own proprietary factories. Our natto and tofu containers overwhelmingly dominate the market.

Our production facilities, which were designed based on those of pharmaceutical manufacturers, have a high-level hygiene-control system that is the equivalent to that used at food factories. Operational improvements continually take place through TPM activities under the supervision of professional consultants, with the abilities and consciousness of our employees constantly improving.

In addition, and through collaborative product development with customers, the Packaging Division proposes and produces products that precisely satisfy customers’ needs. The division has produced a number of innovative packaging products that include moisture-resistant OPALAY sheeting which improves the shelf life of food, original packaging with paper wrapped around OPALAY sheeting, and natto packaging which does not require any sauce packet or drying-preventive film. Our production bases, which cover a wide range of areas (Hirosaki, Tohoku, Ishioka, Fuji, Ina and Shiga), also enable the Packaging Division to provide products that are specifically tailored to regional needs in a timely and speedy manner.

In addition to products that take both safety/security and the environment into consideration, the division also proposes and sells products that incorporate both excellent design and functionality, for example ultra-heat-resistant and cold-resistant products. The Packaging Division will continue to support food manufacturers by fully meeting their packaging needs.


Main line of products and manufactured items

  • OPALAY packaging (PP filler)
  • Functional packaging (e.g. insulated, cold-resistant packaging)
  • PSP packaging
  • PP/PS packaging
  • Barrier packaging
  • Eco-friendly materials



  • Natto (fermented soybeans)

    Fermented soybeans need fermentation inside the packaging, so the packages are very important. With the latest facilities and a strict quality management system, we produce highly accurate, safe, secure packages. Our original, functional packages have brought new perspective to the industry. We continue to support a variety of customer needs as a top manufacturer of packaging for fermented soybeans.

  • Tofu

    Our packages for tofu are manufactured from the sheeting phase to the forming and processing phase in our factories, and improve the image of this traditional health food. These packages also offer various functionalities; for example, easy-open packages for easy peeling of the top film, and packages for packed tofu for easy removal are available.

  • Cup instant noodles

    One of the typical Japanese foods, cup noodle, has changed its style with the times. KOBAYASHI has monitored the trends carefully and established different technologies. We actively challenge ourselves to create new products, such as shrink film products and compound materials made of plastic and paper.

  • Frozen desserts, sweets

    We offer extremely cold resistant materials for frozen dessert containers, for example ice cream or sherbet, with a unique design that dramatizes their retail presentation. White or see-through cups are used for dessert containers for yogurt, puddings, and jelly, of enhanced cleanliness, and that accentuate the contents.

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