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Creates new values to satisfy the needs of the times

The New Business Division distributes the new technologies and products developed by the Technical Research Laboratory and provides user support for them in pursuit of developing new markets. Currently, it is focusing its efforts on the promotional activities and sales of thermoplastic starch pellets, sheets and molded articles, as well as highly-functional films, developed under the themes of "environmental friendliness" and "energy conservation".

The thermoplastic starch products were developed jointly with Yamagata University and the Industrial Technology Institute, Miyagi Prefectural Government. The molding processability of these products is as high as that of commodity plastics, and the environmental load (CO2) caused during their manufacture and disposal has also been greatly reduced. The thermoplastic starch products are proposed for many fields as a new material that will create the future of plastic-related materials.

Our highly functional films are sold as mold release films for semiconductor and LED packages. The extremely high mold releasability and die followability of the products are highly acclaimed by the users.

In addition to the expansion of the sales of developed products, the New Business Division also aims to perform future-oriented business operations by relaying requests from the market and users to the Technical Research Laboratory to promote product improvement and new theme development.


Main line of products and manufactured items

  • Thermoplastic starch sheets & molded articles
  • Mold release film for semiconductor packaging
  • Thermoplastic starch pellets and molded articles



  • Thermoplastic starch sheets and molded articles

    Starch cannot be fabricated and molded like plastic; however, it can be modified by water or additives and used as an alternative to plastics. Fabrication machines for conventional multipurpose plastics can be used for this material. Since it is recyclable and carbon neutral, it does not increase CO2 in the air even when burned. The material has excellent waterproof capability and conforms to the Food Sanitation Law for packaging.

  • Thermoplastic starch pellets and molded articles

    Pellets used as the raw material for thermoplastic starch sheets. Pellets for inflation or injection can be provided in accordance with the type of compound resin used.

  • Mold release film for semiconductor packaging

    We offer highly functional mold release films developed with our unique coating technology.
    They are mainly used during the production process of semiconductors and LEDs. Their high mold releasability and die followability are highly acclaimed by the users.

Environmental policy
Environmental policy
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