Message from CEO

As your business partner, we understand your potential requirements and strive to surpass them

Since its founding in 1952, Kobayashi has been managed in accordance with the philosophy of "steady progress." From its beginnings as a wholesaler of plastic materials, Kobayashi has expanded to become a comprehensive plastics company, working on the development and production of Kobayashi's own newly-developed products such as KOBASOL, as well as product recycling and non-petroleum material businesses. We have been consistently aiming to produce products which demonstrate customers our sincere commitment to manufacturing.

We are also promoting active research and development in fields where non-petroleum materials can be used in place of petroleum, which is a limited raw material, looking ahead to the next generation. Our business is not geared only to Japan and gaining a foothold in China and Hong Kong, and now establishing networks covering East Asia. After half a century of operation, our business activities and results speak for themselves, earning us a strong presence in the plastics and materials industry.

Now, in the 21 first century, corporations are facing increasingly severe economic and social demands. Kobayashi, as an independent medium-size enterprise, has the flexibility and the power to make decisions and to act rapidly, enabling us to steadily contribute to manufacturing that satisfies customers’ needs. On behalf of the Kobayashi Company, we thank you for your valued patronage.

Tatsuo Kobayashi
Chief Executive Officer