Privacy policy

  1. Kobayashi legally collects and uses personal data for the following purposes.
    • In response to requests
    • To arrange a transaction with you
    • For sales promotions including introduction of products and invitation to shows
  2. Kobayashi does not provide the collected personal information to any third party or business partner (except our affiliate companies and operating agreement to contractors) without consent in advance.
  3. Kobayashi protects personal information from loss, damage, interpolation, disclosure, or illegal access through the implementation of proper security measures.
  4. Kobayashi conforms to the laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information, such as the Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs, to protect personal information.
  5. Kobayashi may consign the management of personal information to an external agency to to provide service to customers. In that case, to ensure proper operation, Kobayashi enters into a contract, publicizes our privacy policy as best we can, and monitors actual operation.
  6. In the event you want to check, change, delete, or stop using personal information, please contact us.
  7. Kobayashi educates all its employees in the proper management of personal information, checks such management periodically, and reviews and improves the personal information management system if required.
  8. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please call 03-3865-5500.