Products lineup

Plenty of products dominating the market
A wide array of products satisfying various customers’ needs

KOBASOL division

  • Plastisol
  • Acrylic-paste sol
  • Epoxy compounds
  • Urethane compounds
  • A full range of adhesive
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Packaging division

  • OPALAY packaging
    (composite PE filler)
  • PSP packaging
  • PP/PS packaging
  • Barrier packaging
  • Functional packaging(e.g. insulated, cold-resistant packaging)
  • KB pack(for apples, peaches, pears, kiwis, etc.)
  • KB strawberry,tomato,mushroom and etc.packaging
  • Biodegradable-materials packaging
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Distribution materials division

  • Zipper bag
  • Bag for deli
  • Bag for bakery
  • Bag for deli
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Industrial implements and materials division

  • Plastic film/plastic sheeting/
    plastic plates
    (Multipurpose resins, functional, environmentally safe products)
  • Processing and manufacturing of sheeting
    (Blisters, clear-case, parts trays, embossed carrier tapes)
  • Implements and materials for packaging electronic parts
    (Anti static/conductive liner sheeting)
  • Resin material
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New business division

  • Thermoplastic starch molded sheets & articles
  • Thermoplastic starch pellets & articles
  • Release film for semiconductor and LED package
  • Solar-cell module backsheets
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