Sustainability Policy

KOBAYASHI aim to realize a sustainable society and improve corporate value by working to solve social challenges through the practice of our management philosophy.

  • 01

    KOBAYASHI strives to become a company that can be proud of the world with prioritizes fairness, transparency, trust-based management through conversations and cooperation with all the stakeholders, including employees.

  • 02

    KOBAYASHI, through its CSR and business activities, contributes to the development of communities in regions where it operates.

  • 03

    KOBAYASHI proactively works to solve environmental challenges, including the realization of a resource-recycling society, through its business activities.

Vision 2030

Long-Term Vision 2030

Aiming to become a world-class manufacturing company

KOBAYASHI aims to become a company that its employees feel proud of, by striving to help realize a sustainable society through creation of products that fascinate customers across the world. This vision is laid out in KOBAYASHI's Long-Term Vision 2030 with three key challenges: “Only One”, “Sustainable Environment” and “Human Resources Development”. In addition, consistent with this vision, we will tackle social challenges through our operations of the SDGs as guidance.

  • Only One

    Development with one-of-a-kind technologies

  • Sustainable Environment

    Reducing CO₂ Emissions Providing Environmentally Friendly Products

  • Human Resources Development

    Developing human resources support achieve the Long-Term Vision 2030