KOBASOL division

Responds to various needs with Kobayashi’s original liquid compounds.

The KOBASOL Division mainly supplies customers with multipurpose KOBASOL developed by utilizing our unique compound technology for processors of industrial parts, toys, and miscellaneous products both inside and outside Japan. This division is working on the development of various types of liquid compounds from polyvinyl chloride to urethane, epoxy, and acryl having superior environmental performance, and provides a wide range of products tailored to meet customers’ applications.
Our technical staff participate in from the development and planning stage of customer products, and conduct compounding design based on their deep understanding of specifications and applications. This enables us to provide customers with satisfying products in a short period. In addition, we are energetically working to approach environmental issues by developing ES sol which is responding to environmental hormone issues, and obtaining ISO-14001 certification ahead of our competitors.
As a mission of a leading manufacturer, we will continue to pursue possibility of liquid compounds, and work on energetic development of new applications of urethane, epoxy, and acryl materials, and new original products.

Quality policy

Quality policy
  1. Giving customers top priority, achieve world-class “quality, capability, and cost”.
  2. Taking advantage of characteristics of liquid resin, develop products to meet customers’ requirements.
  3. To achieve “zero complaint” status, continuously improve QMS.

Support of customization

We can create wider range of hardening characteristics by various combinations of resins, hardening agents, fillers, and various additives.
A customized brand that satisfies your individual needs and requirements is available.

  • Improved functionality
  • Development of dedicated grade of your own
  • Improvement or replacement of existing materials
  • Cost reduction
Available resins: PVC sol, acrylic sol, urethane, epoxy, modified silicone, resist ink, conductive paste, and others

How to order customized product

This drawing shows just an ordinal flow. Our sales representatives discuss with you to decide how to arrange your needs. Please ask us if you have any question.

Contact us
Call us or send an E-mail.
Contact us
We make a visit to your office or call you
Our sales representative visits you to explain our products and have an interview.
Our staffs have discussion
We create a proposal and an estimate.
We make a visit to your office
We show you our proposal and estimate.
Detail discussion
Together with our research staffs, we have a discussion to decide precise specifications.
We make a product
We create a development plan of prototype, and start preparation for it.
We provide a prototype to you

Main line of products and manufactured items

  • Plastisol
  • Acrylic-paste sol
  • Epoxy compounds
  • Urethane compounds
  • A full range of adhesive


KOBASOL division
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