Distribution materials division

Ensuring a stable supply of high-value-added packing materials for use in distribution and retailing, for example films, and with a great QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) balance.

This business division handles all kinds of packing materials for use in distribution and retailing that include films for prepared dishes, fresh food, and daily commodities used at supermarkets and convenience store, among many others.
As a manufacture, the materials are produced by our own domestic and overseas factories, as well as subcontract factories.
This enables the Distribution Materials Division to produce a variety of film products that incorporate added value, for example greater heat resistance, durability, creative designs, and antifogging properties that can be tailored to a wide range of products with differing characteristics, and from food through to daily commodities, general merchandise, cosmetics, and medical supplies.
The division can also provide a stable supply of functional products with an excellent QCD balance, and in quick response to customer needs.
Manufacture performance will be further enhanced through the promotion of factory improvements in cooperation with other business departments in future.
The division intends to develop more resource efficient products that can also be used as containers, functional products that extend expiration dates while still maintaining freshness, and so on, while expanding our product lineup, and proactively proposing them for use by customers.

Main line of products and manufactured items

  • Zipper bag
  • Bag for deli
  • Bag for bakery
  • Bag for deli


Distribution materials division
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