Distribution materials division

The potential of paper and film are fully tapped to produce a broad array of creative package design proposals that are sure to satisfy.

This division handles packaging for fruits, vegetables, and other food items seen in supermarkets and convenience stores.
Here, we specialize in components for creative package-making, using primarily paper and film. Manufacturing is conducted according to client specifications at our proprietary factories and many partner factories.
Each packaging order is uniquely constructed to fit any and all requests to a tee. The end result is a product with superior QCD balance, functionality, and a steady supply line.
Environmental issues are important to us, and we have taken steps to ensure that a comprehensive range of proposals can be made no matter the material at hand: paper, plastic, our proprietary biomass materials, etc. In the case of produce, we have freshness-preserving products under our own brand that will ensure a decrease in food loss.

Main line of products and manufactured items

  • Paper pouches
  • Barrier bags
  • Produce film
  • Deli and bakery bags
  • Produce packs
  • Biomass trays


Distribution materials division
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