Industrial implements and materials division

Coordinates value-adding materials globally, identifying demands in cutting-edge areas precisely utilizing our achievements over the years.

Our Industrial Implements and Materials Division has been dealing in a wide range of plastic sheeting, films, and pellets used in various industrial fields, from multipurpose materials to use-specific materials having high functionality over 60 years.
Our sales staff understand customers’ needs precisely based on experiences and achievements that we have accumulated over many years, and coordinate optimal materials and products through cooperation with manufacturers of raw and other materials in many countries with which we have built up a close relationship of mutual trust.
Our factories both inside and outside Japan are working on micro slitting of sheet films, responding to various requirements thoroughly.
In the future, we will promote global business development further by procuring materials from various countries and strengthening sales activities to Asian companies centering on production and sales bases in China, making best use of the accumulated expertise and coordination abilities.

Main line of products and manufactured items

  • Plastic film/plastic sheeting/
    plastic plates
    (Multipurpose resins, functional, environmentally safe products)
  • Processing and manufacturing of sheeting
    (Blisters, clear-case, parts trays, embossed carrier tapes)
  • Implements and materials for packaging electronic parts
    (Anti static/conductive liner sheeting)
  • Resin material


Industrial implements and materials division
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